Tuesday, October 18, 2016

San Diego - Sea World 1

We went to Sea World today.  We saw Shamu and dolphin shows.  We met up with Trevor's aunt and family again too.  The kids had fun riding roller coasters and rides.  The best part was a lunch with Shamu.  We got to sit up close and watch the whales interact with the trainers and enjoy a yummy buffet.

At Sea World

Smiling kids

Super excited to eat and watch the whales

Shamu swims up close to our table

Kambri smiles with Shamu photo-bombing

Yummy lunch

Benton smiling with a whale jumping behind him

Watching the giant whale

At the Shamu show

So massive

Benton gets ready to ride the Manta coaster

Smiling kids at the dolphin show

Dolphin says hi!

Leaping dolphins

Soaking wet but happy

Riding the sky ride

Selfie on the sky ride

On the skyride, we saw these rowers

Playing on a sea turtle

Happy kids play on the raft

Watching the sea lions

Ryker looks at the sea life in the pool

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