Saturday, October 15, 2016

San Diego - LegoLand

LegoLand was our first stop.  The kids have been super excited to go to this park.  They are having a Brick-or-Treat Halloween event too.  It was super crowded, but we ran into Trevor's aunt and family while we were there which was fun.  Benton got sick while we were there, but he kept riding rides and having fun!

Outside of the park

Inside of a Lego dino egg

Riding a pony

Ready to fly
Flying high

Ryker gives the thumbs up

Cruising around

On the pirate ship

Having fun!

Kambri smiles with Rachel

Lots of fun in their Halloween costumes!

Steph and Ryker on the ride

Kambri and Benton on the jungle jeeps

Happy family at LegoLand

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Smiling with Lego Friends

Avrie smiles on the carousel

Taking a snooze on the bench

Posing while waiting in line for the roller coaster

Avrie smiles with Anna

Happy kids pose for a picture

Cute girls

Smiling with a Lego elephant in the background

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