Monday, October 31, 2016


The kids have been super excited for Halloween.  They had fun with all the activities and parties, and as always got way too much candy.

Avrie smiles in her elephant costume with Steph

Benton marches in the Halloween parade in his Batman costume

Kambri dressed as Black Widow from the Avengers for Halloween
Kambri makes a craft in her class party

Kambri spits her pumpkin seed during a party game

Marked her seed

Enjoying a snack

Showing off pumpkins they painted for a school contest

Car decorated for the Trunk-or-Treat

Avrie looks at a cow at the pumpkin patch

Cute pumpkin

Ryker smiles while Avrie looks at the scarecrow

Ryker plays a game at the pumpkin patch

Riding the tractor

Visiting dad at work

Scary crew

She sees what she wants

Ryker organizing his candy into piles

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