Friday, July 22, 2016

24th of July Parade floats

We went to see the 24th of July parade floats at the float preview event.  It was fun to see the amazing floats up close and get some treats.  After, we went to Chilis to eat.  It was a fun evening.

Three astronauts

Four aliens

Ryker next to a bunny

Ryker loved that this float had a police car and firetruck, like his Paw Patrols

Lots of parade floats

Ryker plays on the cymbals

Loved this one with fish like on Finding Dory

A really big one

Fun one with lots of animals

Even Avrie had fun!

Cool animals like we see at the cabin (minus the bear)

Steph and Avrie look excitedly at the chocolate lava cake

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