Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Florida Trip Day 6 - Universal Studios

We went to Universal Studios today.  Universal Studios consists of two parks, and we did both parks in one day.  It was a very busy day!  We got to visit Hogswarts Castle and Hagrid's Hut, and then rode the Hogwarts Express train to Diagon and Nocturne alley.  It was so amazing to see how lifelike and detailed the Harry Potter sections of the park were.  We also went on the Jurassic Park ride, went on a really wet log flume type of ride, helped fight aliens on the Men in Black ride, Trevor loved seeing the detail in the Simpsons section of the park and we had fun helping to save ET on the ET ride.  We also went on Shrek, Transformers and lots of fun Dr. Seuss rides.  It was an tiring but awesome day!

Getting ready to go into the park


In front of the Hogwarts express

At Hogsmead, looks so real

At the Owl shop

Next to Hogwarts

Kambri smiles next to entrance to Dumbledore's office

Wall of moving portraits

Kambri smiles by the sorting hat

Next to Hagrid's hut

Getting photo bombed

Benton smiles in the superhero section of the park

Next to Thor

Smiles by Captain America

Eating lunch

Kambri and Brooke ride in the police mobile

Here comes the Hogwarts Express

In Diagon Alley

Next to the triple story Knight Bus

With the conductor and the shrunken head

Simpsons land

Jebediah Springfield

With the police



On a ride in the Fivel mouse village

Going down a slide

Next to a transformer

Dragon fire atop the Gringotts bank

Kambri smiles in the bank lobby

Working hard

They all move so lifelike

Kambri spots Harry's owl, Hedwig

9 3/4

Train is here

Riding the Hogwarts Express back

So tired after a long day.  She is snuggling her new owl she got at the park.

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