Friday, June 24, 2016

Florida Trip Day 1 - Flight & Magic Kingdom

We are going on a big vacation to Florida.  We will go to Disneyworld parks, Universal Studios, the beach and Kennedy Space Center.  It will be hot and humid, but we plan to drink lots of water, and we bought some cool spray fans to help keep us cool.  We took a red-eye flight to Orlando, so everyone was tired, but all the kids were very good.  After landing in Orlando early that morning, we ate breakfast then went to Disneyworld, Magic Kingdom first.  It was fun to see the looks on the kids faces as they saw the castle and had a blast on lots of fun rides.  Kambri, Benton and Ryker even got to star in a Beauty and the Beast play with other kids and Belle, where Benton was the Beast, Ryker was Belle's dad, and Kambri was a beautiful portrait.  We survived Jungle Cruise, saw a parade and experienced the fireworks show.  Fun day to start the trip!

Getting ready to pack!

Walking through the airport

Waiting for the plane

Waiting for take-off

Lots of happy faces

Steph snaps a selfie with Brooke

Driving to Disneyworld!

Smiling on the Jungle Cruise

Elephants on the Jungle Cruise

Riding Aladdin's magic carpet

Happy group

Ryker trades some Disney pins with a cast-member

Wating in line for the Buzz Lightyear ride

Ryker shoots the aliens

With Buzz

Getting Buzz's autograph

Smiling next to the Mickey Mouse flower display

Riding Small World

Kambri after riding the Little Mermaid ride

Watching a show in front of the castle

Benton dances with Belle
Acting in the Beauty and the Beast play

Very cute couple

Kambri and Ryker with Belle

Benton played the part as Beast and jumps to scare Belle


So proud, though he won't admit it if you ask him

Happy crew

Watching the electrical parade

Awesome fireworks show

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