Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bear Lake

We went to Bear Lake for the fourth of July for an annual family reunion.  The kids had fun playing with cousins, building sandcastles and swimming and eating lots of good food. 

Kambri, Benton and Ryker at the beach

Benton plays in the sand

Kambri plays on the trampoline with her cousins

Kambri plays in the water

Benton pulls Ryker on a little boat.

Ryker plays at the lake

Trevor helps Kambri and Ryker build a sandcastle

Benton and Ryker enjoy their lunch at the beach

Kambri guesses how many candies are in the jars with her grandpa and grandma

Kambri tries to throw the football through the targets

Benton plays ring toss

Ryker throws the ball in the cups of water

Kambri takes a bite of donut

Benton opens wide

Ryker enjoys his treat

Kambri helps Ryker find coins in the saw dust dig

Huge family reunion

Late night XBox party outside, while getting eaten by mosquitoes

Showing off prizes they won in the guess how many in the jar game

Lots of food and family fun

With grandpa and grandma

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