Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bye Bye, Baby House!

We moved!  We found an awesome new house with lots of room for the kids, and a cool theater room in the basement.  It is close to the elementary school and in a quiet neighborhood.  We are super excited, but we will miss our old house and neighbors very much!  The new house is bigger, so Benton has started to call the old house the baby house, and still mentions that he misses his baby house.

 A note written from friends on the driveway of the old house.

Trevor in the garage he built.

Benton, Kambri and Ryker on the stairs of the baby house.

Stephanie and Trevor pose in the master bedroom of the old house.

Benton and Kambri in their bedroom of the baby house.

Kambri in the old kitchen.

Kambri at her first day in her new school.

Kambri in front of her new school on her first day there.

Our new house!

Sleep over on the floor of the new house.

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