Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby Blessing

Benton got blessed on October 11th. He wore the outfit that Stephanie's Dad wore when he was blessed. Lots of friends and family came to the blessing to support Benton. After we had a brunch in our back yard. It was very nice. It had rained the morning of the past few days prior to the event, but the sun came out and it was nice when we were outside for the brunch.

Benton smiles on his blanket.

Benton sticks his tongue out at the camera.

Happy Family.

Kambri holds Benton while Benton cries.

Some yummy food! We had muffins, fruit cabobs,
cinnamon rolls and other yummy stuff.

Inside we kept the hot stuff, so it wouldn't get cold.
There was sausage casserole, and good keish.

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