Thursday, December 18, 2008


We went on our trip to Disneyland a week ago. It was nice to get away. It was a nice 65 degrees when we got to California. It even got above 70 degrees on the day we went to Disneyland. Trevor even wore shorts! Kambri loved Disneyland, although she gets along with Mickey Mouse about as well as she does with Santa Claus...
This was the best photo of the fireworks spectacular we got...

Trevor, Steph and Kambri in front of our summer cottage.

The beautiful Christmas transformed castle.

Kambri and Steph eat cookies in Minnie Mouse's Toon Town house.

Kambri and Trevor with Mickey Mouse...apparently, Kambri does not like giant rodents.

Trevor and Kambri take a rest at Mickey's Toon Town house.

The 'It's a Small World' all lit up for Christmas.

Kambri and Steph looking cute at Disneyland.

They even had real live reindeer. I bet they weren't as excited
as we were about the 70 degree weather...
Kambri takes her mom on a wild car ride...good thing she has
to wait 14 more years til she gets her learners permit...
This is a picture from inside 'Small World'.

Another picture from inside 'Small World'.

Kambri poses inside her Dumbo.

Steph, Trev and Kambri all squeeze together for
a pose while riding Dumbo.

Kambri get a lift while walking through Fantasy Land.
Kambri and Steph stand outside the castle before it is all lit up.

Right before Main Street there is this giant Christmas Tree. It is giant...
Steph had to check to see if it was wasn't.
Kambri looks very excited as we drive to Disneyland!

Here is our sweet ride that we rented. It was
cheaper to get this per day than the compact.

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audri jo said...

I'm so sad we missed you guys! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Hope your Christmas was fabulous. Loves!