Thursday, December 18, 2008


Besides Disneyland, we also went to see other stuff. We went to the beach and to see the LA Temple. We also went to see some of Trevor's friends and people he taught from his mission in Long Beach.
Trevor and Kambri outside of In-N-Out Burger.
Gotta love the 4x4!

Kambri and Trevor outside of the LA Temple.

Trevor, Stephanie and Kambri sit on Signal Hill, which is a hill
that is close by Long Beach. It is the highest point in the area
so you get great views of the smog.

Kambri and Steph give a thumbs up on Signal Hill.

Kambri and Trev look like famous movie stars
with their cool sunglasses on.

Here is a nice view of smoggy Long Beach.
Steph thought it was funny to have these oil 'dinosaur' pumps
mixed in with the multimillion dollar homes.
Here we are outside of Trevor's favorite Mexican Restaurant "Rivera's".
It is on 7th and Temple Street in Long Beach if you are ever there.

We had some good food at Rivera's. Their smothered burritos were huge!
They also give you free refills on Horchata.

We went to the beach at Seal Beach. It is just south of Long Beach.
Kambri liked it when the waves would come up and get her.

Kambri helps Steph find sea shells. They found lots of pretty ones.

Kambri plays in the sand.

Kambri plays with her toy cars on the airplane ride.

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holy cow you guys have been busy! We need to get togther soon!