Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kambri's got a big girl bed!

Kambri is getting too big!
She has already climbed out of her crib once and since she is getting so big, we decided she needs a toddler bed. We were going to get a twin size bed and just use that, but Trevor's mom found a really nice used toddler bed for only $10 at a yard sale!
It matches her room really well and she loves it!
Here she is in her very own big girl bed.

She is so excited about her big girl bed!

She is playing peek-a-boo with her blanket.

She has an popcorn (apricot) tree out her window.

Here is her crib before we took it down.


Luthi said...

How fun is that to move up to the bed. So glad you sent me this link. I love looking at blogs and will add yours to my list! Good to hear from you we still need to do something togther soon.

قوس قزح said...

he don,t like sleep in this box