Saturday, October 4, 2008


Sorry that there have been no September updates...
Trevor is busy at school and work and Steph has been chasing Kambri all over the place. Steph was really busy at the beginning of September helping her mom get the open house/reception ready for her brother Jeremy. It turned out really nice. We did it in our uncle Mike's back yard. Trevor helped to put lights in the tree and Steph and her mom worked a lot weeding and planting flowers for the event. Here are some pictures.

Here is a shot of the laterns and the lights in the trees.

The tables had nice centerpieces.

Steph and her mom worked on nice quilts.

The food was so good!
There were brownie sundaes and really yummy pasta salad.

Here is a shot of the happy couple, Jeremy and Maria.

Here is a picture of the wedding line, (left to right) with Jeremy's mom Kathy,
Jeremy, Maria, and Maria's parents.

It was a LOT of work but it turned out awesome. The weather was nice and there was a full moon. It is crazy how much work can go into something that lasts only for a few hours.

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